Road/Studio Journals

Needed an excuse to use this…but really. 


Got a lil’ vidayo of some jams. Possibly new schema for a song we’ll be recording soon. The timing gets pretty strange around 1:15 (notice our focus faces). 


It’s been a while and a few shows.

Yes. I have a fleeting attachment to Tumblr. 
Nonetheless, a few updates to no one who reads this:
We’ve had some shows, they’ve been fun (Oh my god, So MUCH?). We’ve been having a fella named Dustin play bass, an he’s bumpin that shit.

We’ve got two shows this next week, and then its serious-time recording for the summer. About 6 songs deep -we need 6 more, some clever hooks and freaky ambience- and we’re ready to manipulate some waves. It’s gonna be a little…raw than Moonraker? Lot of fuzzing glitches and super-fast drums. 

Hey we got a wonderful “Thank You” card from the lovely ladies at the Lexicon Collective who let us drip sweat all over the stage at their fashion show!


Probably should have been practicing for the New Years show, but instead we wrote this ass-country song. Expect the ass-country EP “Don’t Touch My Redneck Woman” in spring, or summer, or never?

Another great album review!

Somehow this slipped my radar, and I caught it by chance a week after it was published by so vainly typing “So Much Fun” into google search. Hey, if you’re in a band, don’t tell me you’ve never done that.

Anyway, the review is great and we hope you read it. Author Bryon Dudley took the time to review pretty much every song -which fuckin’ rocks.

An Album Review, Cashes Rivers show, and Halloween

Aight homies. So first of all, check out this album review from the Des Moines Music Coalition. Finally a critic has acknowledged poor “Lady Captain.”

“Lady Captain”—the most sonically ambitious track on the album—encapsulates the musical dynamic of So Much Fun. A slick, descending bass line finds room between jungle beats and splashy high hats as Frank Driscoll paints a nebulous backdrop with his reverb. On top of the entire sonic pile is Nick Miller. His voice soars—think S.C.I.E.N.C.E.-era Brandon Boyd – as he asks, “Keep them and hold them. Do I do?”

B. Boyd might be a little fitter than me. But we both enjoy splashing around half-naked in the water. Anyway, you can read the whole review here:

More news! A show coming up Saturday October 8th at the Ames Progressive with Cashes Rivers! We’re gonna be rockin’ the first show since tour.


Get ready.

Because Halloween at the Mill is going to kick your ass.

"Every Halloween Mill Throws a show where Local bands perform as a different band. This years line up is:
members of Petit Mal & Tanks as Nirvana
Western Front as Paul Simon
Lipstick Homicide as Green Day
So Much Fun as The Pixies
The Mayflies as the Grateful Dead

Time: 9:00pm. Age restrictions: 21+ After 10 pm.”

Washington DC and Beyond

So we were stuck in Pennsylvania traffic for 2 hours, but luckily it was in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains. Anyway, we got to DC and wandered around a bit, then eventually ran into a bunch of monuments (White House) which were much smaller than television makes them look. In this city we had two days off, and spent it (or rather wasted it?) at the Smithsonian and walking long stretches of grass in hundred degree heat. The most exciting thing the Smithsonian had to offer was this hat:

Anyway. Thats DC. Monuments, etc, and really cool houses (one of which we stayed in thanks to Frank’s generous cousin).

I managed to snap a photo of a large blond headed boy pretending to give a speech to an audience larger than his non-entertained parents:

First Album Review!

Thanks Little Village:

Cleveland Might Be The Best City in The U.S.

The best way to make a 6 hour drive valuable is to stop at an Antique Mall/shed the size of a large football field. Antique Malls are a goldmine for old WWII knives and strange instruments, but most importantly, the particular mall we stopped at, which was basically a large barn, had a small building inside of it which was actually a restaurant. The place was run by some wonderful grandmas who made us some amazing homemade ham and cheese sandwiches. It was a good break from the peanut butter sandwhiches and gatorade combo. 

Anyway, once we got to Cleveland we quickly discovered that it was one of the coolest cities we’d stopped in. It was complete with colorful houses, cats sleeping on the roofs of cars, and churches that looked like mosques. 

Besides getting electrocuted multiple times by the microphone, guitar, and pedal boards, which had become open circuits as Frank and I plugged 15+ appliances into two ungrounded house outlets, the best part of the night was the show. It took place at a venue in the middle of some mineral flats called Pats in the Flats. Its run by a 70 something year old rockstar of a woman named Pat. The walls were covered with images of its punk rock hayday somewhere in the 80s-90s. Luckily we had a few local celebrities to open up for us and bring a crowd. Mel, of Chump and Miss Melvis, is an industry of her own and a rock veteran of Cleveland and beyond. She played before us, accompanied by her boyfriend Alejandro Escovedo who had just flown in from New Jersey after playing a show with Bruce Springsteen. After the show everyone gave us kind words and hung around the venue to chat about former and current rock and roll days. The crowed was awesome, and the whole show was awesome.

A very pixilated phone image of So Much Fun with Mel and Alejandro:

Notice the Tom Cruise look of PJ.